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The Great Book of Skye 1

The Great Book of Skye 1


Names bestow structure on a chaotic world. Containing altogether some 5000 names of people who have shaped the Isle of Skye, or been shaped by it, this book takes the reader on a journey to see, and to understand, one European cultural region through an exposition of its people, and their role in the culture of its politics and the politics of its culture. The 580 or so main entries qualify for inclusion through birth, schooling, notable contribution, or family, and the fact that their deaths had occurred before the end of the year 2023. Each individual played a role in the construction of Skye, and of its international reputation.


This book is an enlarged and expanded edition of the Great Book of Skye first published in 2014. It contains some new material. Hardback, 620 pages.(Price £50)

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